State-of-the-Art Metallurgy

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To realize the essence of the inspiration and remain true to the suppleness of the design, a unique metal had to first be created.
One that was lightweight, yet strong enough that in very thin sections could retain its form and resist wear.

The traditional metals used for jewellery (gold, platinum and silver) were not suitable for this purpose. These metals were either too heavy and/or too soft to remain rigid and resist wear when moulded in such fine mountings.

The solution was found in another noble metal: titanium. A unique and proprietary alloy was created for the use in jewellery, under the supervision of Emmanuel Guillaume, which permits the metal to form the thin framework of the design, yet retaining its inherent, superior strength and light weight.

The successful development of this alloy permits jewellery items to be created which are significantly lighter (in relative sizes) and yet much stronger and therefore more durable than was previously possible.

In addition, titanium is a metal that is much more conducive to being worn on the skin. Other metals traditionally used in jewellery, including platinum, gold and even more so silver, may cause an allergic reaction for many people. This reaction does not take place with titanium, even for those persons with very sensitive skin.